Utah State University Extension

Utah Marriage Commission at USU provides relationship resources

“We recognize the value of offering the very best research-backed resources to Utahns.”

4 tips to keep summer safe as school year approaches

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Teach kids to swim so they feel comfortable and confident in the water.

New USU Extension website offers resources to battle inflation

“Inflation seems to be most noticeable at the gas pump and grocery store.”

6 tips for planning menus around farmers market selections

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Being flexible allows you to choose the produce that looks the best and is offered at the best price.

5 tips for using store, fuel apps to fight inflation

An average family of four is spending about $700 more per month on the same things they purchased a year ago.

Utah Latinas lag behind white women

Latinas in Utah are less likely to have health insurance (67.0%) than other Utah women (88.8%).

7 principles for water wise landscaping

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Nearly 65% of the annual culinary water consumption in Utah is applied to landscapes.

Tips to help navigate the infant formula shortage

Do not make homemade infant formula as it can cause serious health and safety concerns.

Water conservation is critical this summer

Utah is the second driest state in the nation based on average annual precipitation, yet one of the top per capita users of water.

USU Extension website offers drought resources

To date, 99% of Utah is in the severe drought category, and 43% of the state is experiencing extreme drought.