US Forest Service

10 years in, La Sal mountain goats remain a lightning rod

Joint research between state, federal agencies ended in impasse

“It’s like, when does this end? This is 10 years later.”

Campbell named new deputy forester


“His diverse experience and leadership will help our region continue to be successful in our Forest Service mission.”

Many hands make light work

Remove mountain goats from the La Sal Mountains

My View

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that the goats are native to these mountains.

Geyser Pass Road to partially close Aug. 8 to Sept. 9

During the closure period, the road will be impassable by any means.

CNHA funds seeding project in Pack Creek burn area

We would really like to thank the entire community of volunteers who came together to help with the project.

Geyser Pass Road closes Aug. 30 for roadwork

“This closure may feel particularly frustrating because of the prolonged, unplanned closure of this road that occurred earlier in the year due to the Pack Creek Fire.”