U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Federal, junior duck stamps now for sale

The new Federal Duck Stamp and its younger sibling, the Junior Duck Stamp, debuted and are now available for purchase.

Progress made in saving river’s humpback chub

Native Colorado River fish moves from Endangered to Threatened

“Today’s action is the result of the collaborative conservation that is needed to ensure the recovery of listed species.”

Incidental take permit process for bald and golden eagles

The bald eagle’s recovery is one of the United States’ most important wildlife conservation success stories.

Final Duck Stamp contest rules published

These revisions provide artists more flexibility when designing their art.

A new designation for endangered razorback sucker?

Request made to 'downlist' fish from endangered to threatened

Having this type of habitat is critical because these small fish have few defense mechanisms at this stage, especially against predators.

Feds plan to strengthen Endangered Species Act

Several Trump-era changes revised, rescinded

“We look forward to continuing these conservation collaborations and to ensuring our efforts are fully transparent and inclusive.”

Feds revoke migratory bird ‘incidental take’ rule

“The Migratory Bird Treaty Act is a bedrock environmental law that is critical to protecting migratory birds and restoring declining bird populations.”

Feds provide habitat protections for imperiled western yellow-billed cuckoo

“River ecosystems are some of the most imperiled systems in the West.”

Condors return to northwest, Bald Eagles thrive

California condors take flight in Pacific Northwest
Partners help the nation’s largest land bird return to the northern part of its historic range

“The recovery of the bald eagle is one of the most well-known conservation success stories of all time.”

USFWS clarifies Migratory Bird Treaty Act implementation

The USFWS in its statement said the final decision was informed by an “open and transparent public engagement process that the service managed throughout the development of the rulemaking process.”