Taming a feral

The Hell-a-days of holidays

Taming a feral, Part 14: Firecrackers and ferals don’t mix

Another one came. And another. Panic paralyzed her body.

From taming to training a feral dog

Taming a feral: Part 13

I had to switch focus from taming her to training her.

Finding success on the other side of fear

Taming a feral: Part 12

Like a whip, her head snapped up with huge, cartoon-like eyes filled with shocked disbelief.

Partnership and offerings

Taming a feral: Part 11

Her life had depended upon her skills at detecting new threats; how could I tell her these new noises were safe?

The magic of spit

Taming a feral: Part 10

Several Native American tribes have longstanding beliefs that spitting in a dog’s food is how to get it to bond with you.

Relationship blossoms after scare

The feral comes out

His overly excited personality made her more comfortable to explore her own happiness.

No surface connection: What it takes to bond with a feral dog

Taming a feral: Part 2

Her agitation was compounding with each second, sending my primal instincts into overdrive.