Scots on the Rocks

Scots on the Rocks supporter organizes sound decibel study

“The main act … we had a couple 99 decibel peaks,” he said. 

Scots on the Rocks back in Moab

Council proves flexible after public support for ‘pipes and drums’

So this is about hearing the life of a city. It’s one of the benefits of living in a city.

Suffering backlash for opposing Scots on the Rocks

Within a few days, I came to realize the price I was to pay for my simple statement.

Scots on the Rocks event permit denied

“They were not aware that the city had gotten letters, you know, complaining about the event.”

Scots on the Rocks

Wind, rain bring taste of Scotland to Moab Celtic Fest’s annual shindig

While men struggled mightily in the wind with the caber toss, think of big guys trying to flip heavy logs in the air, they nonetheless gave it their best efforts.