Moab Bypass

A history lesson on the bypass

The View from Main Street

Those NIMBY’s (Not In My Back Yard) and CAVE’s (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) were loud and clear in their views.

Coming to Moab: Traffic Armageddon

My View

So, short of digging some fantastically expensive tunnel, the bypass idea is dead. Or is it?

Opinion writer resorts to fear mongering

In fact, 18-wheelers are among the safest vehicles on the road with the lowest incidence of pedestrian-involved accidents.

With apologies to Joni Mitchell: Pave paradise, put up a parking lot

My View

I can hear the detractors: “It’s in a flood plain; it’s this, it’s that.”

The commission votes down a popular idea: a bypass

Additionally, residents in a recent, nonscientific survey also showed favor for a bypass.

My View bypass opinion short on facts

The facts paint a different picture, namely that a bypass would come at a tremendous human and monetary cost.

On bypasses and the effects of elections

By voting, we give all of our elected officials our trust (and some authority) to do their best for our city and county.

Bypass would harm all of Grand County

This largely fanciful idea would impact all the residents of our valley.

Bypass plan wrong for Moab

The soul of the town are the residents trying to live in peace and quiet in neighborhoods.

Don’t bypass the bypass

Keep in mind that engineers are capable of constructing a bypass that incorporates noise reducing sound barriers.