City of Moab Election 2021

Council now clear: Taylor, Wojciechowski win

The results released Friday provide new information that had not been available in the days prior.

Candidates make their closing statements

This story is part of The Times-Independent’s complete 2021 election coverage. After eight weeks of questions for candidates, ranging from housing to the time commitment mayoral candidates will put toward the job, The Times-Independent asked one last question of each candidate: Why should Moabites vote for you? Here is how they responded: Mayoral candidates Bill Winfield Aaron Davies Stephen J. […]

Comprehensive guide to Moab’s 2021 election

The newspaper has spent eight weeks covering the election. Here’s a guide to all the coverage.

Ranked choice voting: A brief overview

To vote, rank the candidates for Moab mayor on a scale of 1-7 in order of your preference, and use a scale of 1-6 for city council. How your ballot is counted in the mayoral race If a mayoral candidate receives more than 50% of the first-choice vote, that candidate automatically wins. If no candidate receives 50% or more of […]

Election: Kovash inspired by Outward Bound experience

It is a challenge to speak and act with kindness and calm when you are struggling to survive.

Election: Housing crisis ‘clearly the most urgent’ issue facing Moab

Of these, solving the housing crisis is clearly the most urgent.

Election: Experience as attorney prepared Stocks for role as mayor

When I decided to run for mayor, I was aware of the issues that confronted the City of Moab.

Election: Fiscal responsibility, kindness for others top Davies’ platform

Rebuilding our infrastructure is on that short list.

Election: Longtime resident Green remains invested in Moab

I did these things because I was and still am invested in this community.

Election: Taylor: Turmoil at city hall, housing among key issues

Like many parts of the country, Moab is in a crisis with affordable housing.