Canyonlands Care Center

Moabite rings in her 107th

A thank you from Canyonlands Care Center

Each gift was personalized for the resident and meant very much to them.

Canyonlands Care Center hit with COVID-19 outbreak

FREE No deaths to date; monoclonal antibodies administered to residents

“Visits are discouraged until the outbreak is over.”

Thank you, Moab

The community should consider itself lucky to have such an excellent facility.

Stoye turns 106

The family of Kay Stoye, above, celebrates her 106th birthday April 9.

Care center visits will remain limited for now

FREE Herd immunity required before pre-pandemic protocols return

The care center has not chosen unilaterally to continue with its pandemic protocols despite vaccinations.

Be a Care Center angel this Christmas

Leave a message and they will contact you with sizes, needs, wants and likes of our residents.