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Pickleball is too noisy


The Moab City Council recently held a pickleball demonstration to determine noise levels for the sport.

People put on a pickleball noise demonstration at Old City Park.
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Unfortunately, for me as a neighbor to the proposed pickleball courts the demonstrations verified my worst fears about how noisy the sport is.

During the high school demonstrations, I walked 375 feet away, which is how far my backdoor is from the proposed courts, and I definitely heard a very distinctive clacking sound. From a decibel level it wasn’t that loud but it’s a sound that has a very sharp edge to it. It was very unnerving to think I might have to listen to this noise all the time.

I then walked 600 feet away. It was interesting at this point I could not hear voices on the court, but I could still hear the clacking sound. It is a very penetrating sound.

Durango recently banned pickleball on their tennis courts. The parks department stated that, “The sound pickleball creates from the clacking of the paddles tends to be disruptive in a neighborhood setting.”

During the demonstration I was amazed at how many of the pickleball players I knew. And, I was also amazed to hear how passionate they were about their sport. It is obvious that we need pickleball courts, but please, 922 people have signed a petition saying Old City Park is not the place.

— Glen Lathrop