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New traffic light at Highway 191-Spanish Trail RoadFree Access

UDOT also installs pedestrian crossing

A new traffic light and pedestrian crossing have been installed at the Highway 191-Spanish Trail Road intersection in Spanish Valley and will become operational Friday, Jan. 21.

Workers from the Utah Department of Transportation install the new traffic light along Highway 191 this week. Photos by Sophia Fisher

The new light, installed by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), will facilitate both north-south traffic along 191 and east-west traffic along Spanish Trail Road.

Pedestrian signals and a new crosswalk across the southern end of the intersection will create safe passage for foot traffic across 191, the Moab Valley’s main artery.

Humming with travelers, the multi-lane route carries local, tourist and through-traffic ranging from semi-trucks to off-highway vehicles and everything in between.

UDOT is also planning to add frontage roads and upgrade five other intersections along 191, including another traffic light and a bicycle underpass at the highway’s intersection with Millcreek Drive/Aggie Boulevard, where the new Utah State University-Moab campus will open this spring.

These projects are among about a dozen identified by the 2021 Moab and Spanish Valley Regional Transportation Plan. Created by UDOT and local governments, the plan’s other priorities include extending various bicycle and multiuse paths; creating a separated trail system along Spanish Valley Drive; and widening and updating Kane Creek Boulevard.