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MPD officer fired, insults leadership over police radio

Now-former Moab Police officer Everett Gist was apparently terminated Tuesday.

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He did not go quietly.

Gist allegedly used a profane, sexually-explicit term over his police radio to describe Moab Police leadership, particularly regarding Assistant Chief Braydon Palmer, who is leading the department in the wake of Chief Bret Edge taking a leave of absence under the federal Family Medical Leave Act.

The Times-Independent has made a GRAMA request to the Grand County Sheriff for audio of the statement. It had not been received by deadline.

A social media thread from a person going by the name of Mike Gist questioned why he was fired in a post Tuesday. He said Palmer considered him a threat and that there was a “good old boy” club that needed to end. Palmer confirmed Gist is no longer employed by the department, and City of Moab spokesperson Lisa Church said the city would not put out a statement on the incident.

Gist on social media said he was fired from Adult Parole and Probation for “a shooting and political post from eight years ago.” There are allegations he was fired for making anti-Muslim comments in a Facebook post and that was he was allegedly let go from MPD.

“I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that your political post had something to with not being Caucasian,” replied one commenter. “That’s cool if you want to be vague. I’ll ask around and try to vet your claim, which is more than what MCPD did.”

Gist replied that his lawyer provided MPD with all information related to his termination from AP&P.