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Local chef invited to cook with world’s best chefs

Local Chef Tim Buckingham, owner and culinary wizard

at Buck’s Grill House, was recently honored with an invitation to

participate in the 2006 Miami South Beach Wine and Food Festival. The

event, now in its fifth year, has quickly become known as the crème de

la crème event of the cooking industry.

Included in this year’s festival was a seven-course

dinner honoring Ferran Adria, of Barcelona, Spain. Adria is considered

by most culinary aficionados to be the best chef in the world, and in

2004 made the cut for Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in

the world. His restaurant, El Bulli, located on the Catalan Coast north

of Barcelona, Spain, receives over one million reservation requests

each year, but can honor only about one percent of those during its

six-month season.

The dinner, which Chef Buckingham was invited to

help prepare, was a seven-course meal. Each course was developed and

prepared by a different chef and the list of celebrity chefs was

nothing short of a “who’s who” in the cooking world. They were names

and faces also popular on television cooking shows including Emeril

Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, Jose Andres, Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay and Giada

de Laurentis.

“It was amazing,” said Chef Buckingham. “Every time

I turned around there was someone I recognized from the Food Channel or

a cook book cover.”

Cooking for the world’s most innovative chefs and

culinary personalities can be challenging, explained Buckingham.

“I don’t think there is anything more

stressful than chefs cooking for other chefs, especially if that chef

happens to be the world’s greatest ‘mad scientist’ of foods, Ferran

Adria,” Buckingham said. “But even with all those personalities,

celebrities, and stress to do everything perfectly, we all worked

extremely well together. I was truly amazed at the cooperation and

skillfulness of these high profile chefs working so closely together. I

don’t think there has been a gathering of this many well-known and

respected chefs at one event, and I doubt it will happen again. I felt

very honored and fortunate to be asked to participate in this showcase

of the best of the best.”

While El Bulli is no longer accepting

reservations for its brief 2006 season, Buck’s Grill House, in Moab,

is. Chef Tim Buckingham’s culinary magic is performed seven nights a

week. Reservations are available at 259-5201. Or, for a peek at the

menu, visit

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