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Don't animals have rights…

I have been coming to Moab for around 25 years now. Mostly vacations, river trips and just enjoying the beauty and the great people. I recently bought a home in Moab and hopefully will be able to visit on a more regular basis. I also subscribe to the Moab Times and listen to KZMU on line for my Red Rock fix.

Recently I have been reading that there is a controversy with regards to the trapping of animals around Moab. “TRAPPING,” are you kidding me? Maybe since I don’t live in Moab year round I don’t understand the reason anyone would need to inhumanely trap anything for any reason. According to Mr. Day, the desert beaver population needs to be controlled. No really. The quick growing trees that get washed out every year in flash floods and grow back seem to be in danger.

I have been to Sand Flats many times and would like to report that the beaver population seems to be in check there. Don’t the animals being trapped have every right to be in their homes? What exactly are they doing with the dead, legless animals after the jaws of death hold them until they starve to death?

This is the first I have ever heard of this since watching the movie “Jeremiah Johnson,” and that was happening in the 1800s.

I’m sure there is a perfectly great explanation for this, but I sure wish someone would enlighten me about the inhumane treatment of any animal being just part of life in Moab. People appear to think it’s ok as long as their dog doesn’t get trapped. Wow!

I am curious where the Moab HUMANE Society stands on this issue?

What is the animal of choice for the trappers? Or is it (bad) luck of the draw.

Please enlighten me!

‒Doug Odenthal

Glendora, Calif.

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