Democratic socialism
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Call it what you will, socialism, communism, progressivism in the end–people will lose their natural rights. Under democratic socialism the first thing the government wants to do is establish one-party rule. They will call it the people, but it is the socialist party. Remember, any government powerful enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take away everything you have.

It would be easier to become a democratic socialist if there wasn’t so much historical evidence that it fails. Everywhere it has been tried it becomes rule by party elites. It starts with a rallying cry against those in power. Then their government alone rules.

Socialism made the USSR a powerful nation. How? They obliterated freedom of speech, kept their people behind the iron curtain, and set up a socialist economy where the people were basically property of the party until their economy collapsed.

How about Cuba? Viva Castro! Viva Che! The only thing pumping any kind of economic life into Cuba is the return of American capitalism. Consider socialist Venezuela. People are running from socialism by the millions. What would you do if you lived in a country where a loaf of bread cost almost a million dollars?

At home we have pumped trillions of dollars into socialist programs. How is Social Security doing? How about socialized medicine? How much debt do we owe?

How about the government’s collusion with the educational complex to drive up the cost of college so high–who can afford to go? The colleges have billions of dollars in their pockets. They probably could give every kid a tuition-free education. Gee, where did they get all that money, from the capitalists who donated it to them and then they invested it in a strong free economy.

Most major cities have been under the rule of progressive social democrats for almost a century. Think Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Detroit and on and on. How have the people trapped in those areas done over the decades? Hmm, giving money away doesn’t even work for socialists. That is what one-party rule does. How oppressive does progressive government get? Try and find a plastic straw in California.

Note, the socialist running in New York was going to visit a restaurant she liked. When she got there the sign on the door said Going Out of Business. Why? The owner couldn’t afford the $15 an hour minimum wage. A family loses its business and about 20 people lose their jobs. Socialism creates very little wealth and redistributes poverty. Gee, I wonder what the minimum wage is in China or North Korea.

–Jim Hofmann


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