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Each election season, The Times-Independent, as a service to Moab and Grand County voters, publishes position statements from candidates who are seeking seats on local elected government councils and boards. All candidates in contested races are invited to par­ticipate.

A sample ballot and information about polling places are also included in this, our 2013 Times-Independent Voter Guide. Early voting – which can be done in person by absentee ballot at the Moab City Recorder’s office – is already under way and will continue through Oct. 31. City voters may also choose to vote via absentee ballot in the traditional manner – by requesting the ballot and mailing it in. The deadline to request an absentee ballot is Oct. 31. Please note that a change in state voting law now requires all absentee ballots to be postmarked by the day prior to the election in order to be counted. That means absentee ballots that are mailed must be postmarked by Nov. 4.

For additional information about voting, contact the Moab City Recorder’s office at 435-259-2683.

The Times-Independent encourages all Moab residents to make their voices heard at the ballot box. Cast your vote Nov. 5.

Don’t forget – identification is required when voting.

Moab City Council

Kyle Bailey

My name is Kyle Bailey and I am running for re-election to the Moab City Council:

In the past few years, the city and community have been rebuilding much of the infrastructure that had been built during the 1950s and 60s. The useful life of many of these facilities and infrastructure were over, and the community needed to replace them.

Moab’s improved infrastructure will serve its citizens well for the next 50 years, and will have a positive effect on our economic future. I will work to keep these projects running smoothly, efficiently, and fiscally sound.

I will support Moab city’s involvement with Utah State University’s effort to build a permanent campus in Moab that will stabilize and diversify our economy. I also support tourism, as it is the major funding engine for the city, provides our community with jobs and business opportunities and helps us put money and effort towards other projects. I support the city’s efforts to attract and encourage new compatible industry to our community.

I have been involved with efforts to improve healthcare and senior living for the community. I am a board member (non-paid) of Moab Regional Hospital a non-profit corporation and one of the largest private employers in Moab. I will continue to work to establish and improve this important healthcare facility. The recently built hospital and Canyonlands Care Center for the elderly provide good jobs, keep community members and dollars at home, and most importantly, provide for the welfare and good health of our community.

I strongly believe that the city must encourage sustainability when we address important planning decisions, the protection of our water and the maintenance of our infrastructure.

During my time as a Moab City Council member I have served on a variety of community boards and worked on a number of issues. I feel like the experience and knowledge I’ve gained make me a useful addition to the council, and also help me maintain a connection between the Moab community and the city council.

I would appreciate your support and vote.

Jeffrey Davis

Hello. My name is Jeffrey Davis and I am seeking re-election to Moab City Council. I am in my third term as your council member.

My wife of 39 years, Lauren, and I have lived in Moab since 1980. We have raised our four children here in Moab. We have owned and operated several businesses since 1980. La Hacienda Restaurant, Mr. J’s Skateboard Shop, The Traveling Tub, Westside Tattoo and, most recently, Jeffrey’s Steakhouse.

I have been involved in local clubs and organizations through the years as well. I have been a member of the Elks, the Moab Area Chamber of Commerce, Grand County Search and Rescue, and I am a past director of Grand County Emergency Medical Services.

I have always believed that government works best when regular working people like myself, participate and make themselves a part of it. I want to pitch in, help and make a difference for myself, my family and the citizens in this valley.

My past 12 years with the Moab City Council has been fantastic. I have met so many fine people and learned so much. The approach I bring is to do my homework. I educate myself on the issues and listen to all with an open mind. I then vote to the best of my ability.

Moab has been and is operating well, thanks to the excellent employees. Most problems continue to be addressed and solved with the best for the citizens in mind.

I am proud to say I have been directly involved with bringing a larger Utah State University campus to Moab. Many years ago, I started going to meetings in Salt Lake City to help set the idea in motion. I also made the suggestion that Moab start a fund to save for the city’s part of the campus project. There are many issues that present themselves to Moab every day. I want to be part of those issues.

I pride myself in being a hard-working citizen. My work for Moab city is not yet done.

I have the ideas, the energy, the enthusiasm and the desire to continue contributing to the community that I am fortunate to be a part of.

Please vote in November for Jeffrey Davis for Moab City Council.

Heila Ershadi

Six years ago, I came to Moab for a short visit, and never left.

Soon after coming here, I met the man I would marry. He and I started Free Meal, collecting surplus food and serving it as a public picnic. Through Free Meal, I became introduced to the community. I served on the board of the Museum of Moab, and co-hosted a political radio show on KZMU. My two children and I have been active with Moab Mamas and Moab Playgroup.

Speaking with so many of you about Moab’s present and future, I’ve identified three main concerns of Moab locals. Your priorities are my priorities.

Economic opportunity. We want working people to be able to raise a family here and to know our children can choose to stay here and thrive after they graduate high school.

As a council member, I’ll support our current businesses, and work to bring in good new employment options. Bringing the Utah State University campus expansion to fruition would provide some solid employment opportunities, and open the door to other economic pathways, such as research and the arts. Locals would be more able to get the education needed to pursue career goals. I will always be looking for new ways to build economic opportunity.

Smart development. We want to preserve the character of Moab, including the natural environment. We want to preserve the integrity of our water supply, but we don’t know how extensive it is, how it functions, or how it may be impacted by potential developments.

As a council member, I’ll take these concerns seriously. Getting a comprehensive study of our water supply is paramount to smart development. We need the facts so we can make informed decisions.

Supporting our vital institutions. We want strong schools, medical services, and law enforcement, and no more unpleasant financial surprises. We need transparency and accountability. Institutions that are not managed by the city still affect those of us living here, and so maintaining a city presence in these institutions is good policy.

As a council member, I’ll take the initiative in keeping the lines of communication open. I’ll continue to volunteer as I have since coming to Moab, and I’ll choose volunteer endeavors that complement my role in the city council.

I’ll be honored to have your vote.

Please elect me, Heila Ershadi, to serve you on the Moab City Council.

Spanish Valley Water & Sewer Improvement District

Mike Holyoak

My name is Mike Holyoak and I am running for the board of the Spanish Valley Water and Sewer Improvement District.

I am a life-long resident of Moab and have been serving on the board. I feel very strongly about water issues and have tried to be informed about all the issues.

Being raised by a father who was a farmer, I grew up knowing the importance of water. I know that without water no one would be living here now. We need to protect our culinary water and do what we can to provide water for agricultural and commercial uses, while keeping rates as low as possible.

I am committed to working hard to serve you, the rate payers, as well as I can. I am asking for your support on Nov. 5. Thank you.

Bill Love

Spanish Valley Water and Sewer Improvement District needs a technical advisor. I will provide the current board with analyses of technical reports from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and other Utah state agencies. These reports provide information on the recharge zones for our drinking water aquifer, and possible pollution sources in the Manti La Sal Mountains and Spanish Valley.

  I have been associated with the water boards in Spanish Valley for over 15 years. Spanish Valley Water and Sewer Improvement District needs to work for the culinary water rate-payers in Spanish Valley. The protection of the Glen Canyon Aquifer’s recharge zone, which provides us with our sole source of drinking water, has been my primary concern for many years.

  The reduction of the flow in Mill Creek needs to have a new study. The USGS considers Mill Creek to be a major source of water for our drinking water aquifer and the winter is the primary time of recharge to our aquifer.

  Vote for Bill Love for the Spanish Valley Water and Sewer Improvement District Board.

Tom Stengel

My name is Tom Stengel and I have been a resident of Grand County since 1987. 

I was appointed to the Grand County Special Service Water District by the Grand County Council in 2004. In 2007, I also replaced the retiring Dan Holyoak on the Spanish Valley Water and Sewer Improvement District. 

The importance of adequate water and sanitary sewer is great. I believe I am a critical thinker who uses fact and logic. I feel that Ken’s Lake is a valuable asset for Spanish Valley for irrigation, recreation and for secondary water users.

I would appreciate your vote on Nov. 5.

Gary Wilson

  My name is Gary Wilson and I am running for re-election to the Spanish Valley Water and Sewer Improvement District board.

As a board member, my main goal is to provide the customers in the district with water and sewer service at the lowest cost possible, at the same time planning for the future so there are adequate resources when needed.

Planning for upgrades to the system, maintaining adequate water rights, storage and delivery systems are important to the future of the district. 

It is important to employ a staff that is dedicated, well trained, and well versed in the business of water and sewer. Upgrades to current systems are a never-ending process and must be evaluated and decisions made that benefit all the current users, as well as planning for future expansion and operation with an open mind.

I believe I have upheld the needs of the citizens in the past years that I have served, and if elected will continue to spend my time and efforts to make the water and sewer in the district a reliable, cost-effective, quality system.

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