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I see Mr. Kulander (“My View, The Times-independent, Oct. 10) has drunk 100 percent of the Kool-Aid narrative that the Democrats and Obama have been spewing since the Affordable Care (there is nothing affordable about this law) Act (ACA) was introduced. In fact, not one promise the president has made has been realized by this act. And Mr. Kulander is just gushing over obtaining health care insurance.

You, Mr. Kulander, may not pay much since your health care costs will be funded by subsidies. However, your deductibles will prevent you from using your new-found health care insurance. A person making $8 or $10 per hour with a deductible of $35 or $40 will think twice in taking advantage of health care insurance. When given a prescription with a deductible of $40 or $60 people will think twice about obtaining a prescription. They will most likely wait three or four days for a doctor’s appointment and when they get to the doctor’s office they will wait another two to three hours.

You see, if you couldn’t afford health care insurance prior to the ACA you will not afford to take advantage of it after obtaining this so-called right.

The fact is that the ACA has very little to do with health care. Read books about socialism and communism and you will understand what truly went down. Prior to ACA you could have obtained health care insurance for about $40 per month at your age. Today, that same policy does not exist and you will pay about $150 per month.

Not one country on the face of the planet that has socialized medicine has successfully provided health care at the level this country obtained. Do the research.

Just as the parks in Utah are shut down by a policy dictated by people who are over 3,000 miles away, health care will be governed by the same people. Not your doctor who is sitting right next to you.

So you now have a right to health care. The price you paid is that the state you live in has no rights and you have lost your personal freedoms and liberties. You are now a subject of the state. You are no longer a free man. For now your choices will be monitored and you will be subject to penalties by the state based on your choices.

Welcome to socialism and welcome to a state penal system that will tax the crap out of you based on the choices you make in life. Enjoy your new-found right.

—Charles Dunbar

Folsom, Calif.

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