Many Trails
August 8, 2013
by Adrien Taylor
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This summer I have been extremely neglectful in writing a column. No, I haven’t been away for an extended length of time, as was the case last year during July, when I was enjoying damp and cool Scotland and Ireland, in cosy, new woolen knitwear, while Moab sweltered.

I could say I have written a regular column for about 40 years now, and isn’t that enough, which would be true, but has nothing to do with anything. I could say I have nothing in my life to write about, which would be untrue. I could say that Sena is writing a beautiful column of her own now, and that would be the honest truth. The other truth is that I have flat been neglectful. And I do have things to write about.

For instance, I had an email this week from my lace knitting mentor, Margaret Stove, of worldwide renown and a resident of New Zealand. Some years ago, during the time before and after my stroke, I proof knit a shawl for her. Because of the stroke, it took four years to get that shawl knit. And even though I was using size 0 needles (her pattern asked for size 2 or 3) I couldn’t get down to her gauge, so my shawl was large, to say the least.

Margaret wrote in one of her books, and was reprinted in the last Spin-Off magazine, of her spinning and knitting of a christening shawl for Prince William, back in the 1980s. This was the gift from New Zealand to the new prince. It was done with a pattern she had developed of one of the flowers of New Zealand.

This time, a friend of Margaret’s and fellow fiber artist spun and knit the shawl for the newest prince, George. And the pattern used was the one I had proof knit, called Filmy Fern. I am thrilled. Never thought there would be any connection between Moab and English royalty, and they will never know it. But I do.

Also, I returned last week from another fabulous fiber weekend just outside Park City. This retreat is on private property, and although the original owners have both passed away, they left words in their will, or something similar, that provides for the Wasatch Woolpack Handspinners to hold their annual retreat there until (fill in the blank) freezes over, or similar event (like sale of the property). We are thankful.

I am a lifetime member of the Woolpack, and won’t bother the reader with the peculiar circumstances leading to that status. Best to say it’s easier than paying annual dues, especially since the retreat is about the only thing I do with the Woolpack annually. Which brings me to the subject of Moab spinners.

A few of us meet weekly at Desert Thread, and practice our craft. The subject of guilds came up, and since there is no national or international organization I know of that is policing the formation of local guilds, it was decided to transmogrify ourselves from just a bunch of spinners into the Canyonlands Fiberarts Guild. We want to be more all encompassing than handspinners. We would like to include knitters, crocheters, dyers, weavers, and anyone interested in any of the fiber arts. Quilters, welcome, but the Delicate Stitchers are already well established in their domain and annual calendar of activities. I joined, but may never make an actual quilt.

I once told quilting maven Lou Gostlin that I saw no sense in buying new fabric and cutting it up into small pieces just to sew it all back together again. But I joined the Delicate Stitchers anyway, because we all share a love of basically the same things: fiber, color, pattern. So that’s about all I have to write this week. I shall try to get myself back to the habit of regular writing. I have missed it.

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