High Desert Hoofbeats
Pondering potties...

As I recently stepped inside the pit toilet at the lower Onion Creek campground operated by the Bureau of Land Management it occurred to me that Moab is light years ahead of the social/political de...
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Castle Valley Comments
June 23, 2016

The Castle Valley Town Council met last Wednesday, June 15 to hold a public hearing on the tentative budget for fiscal year 2017 and conduct its regular monthly council meeting. During the sparsely...
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Another Persepctive
Where else will we live?

In Missoula, Montana, where I lived for seven years, there’s a sign on the door to a fitness center that says: “Take care of your body. Where else will you live?” You could often see members pause ...
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My View
With Utah’s help, the federal government can be more transparent...

Sunshine Week — when people who care about government advocate to make it more transparent — has arrived at a moment in 2016 when Utah’s congressional delegation can help make the federal governmen...
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  • My View
    Shifting tides...
    by Curtis Wells
    06.09.16 - 09:39 am