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Now is the time to fight for the truth...
by James Schmidt
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A few weeks ago the guest commentary “Keep fighting for comprehensive sex education...” appeared in the T-I and I am compelled to give another perspective, and a few words of hope in the face of what to me looks like cold, clinical calculation.

Ms. Cotton writes of “the successful rise of Moab’s Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP)”, and how “challenging [it is] for the public to determine what works and what doesn’t.” She also asks the question “Does abstinence-only education work?” and goes on to inform us that it does not, and tells us in so many words that talking about contraception does not promote teen sex, and that a 50 million dollar federally authorized study has proven that abstinence-only programs are ineffective.

Is it time to give up teaching children abstinence? Is it time to “get real” and get with the program that “works”? Sounds like it, but what is the truth? Is it possible to take a stand in the face of such a barrage of convincing evidence?

I believe it is. The definitions of success and failure are the ones that need examination; these are what have been manipulated here, but let us begin even deeper. If a human-being is just a machine in a closed system of cause and effect: the product of chance, the random mechanism of a random, meaningless cosmos, then yes, statistically speaking, Ms. Cotton and her worldview might be right.

Statistics, after all, are all that one is left with in such a system, and all humanness, all dignity for humanity is lost, because the idea of mankind as something special comes only from a system which recognizes that we are made in the image of God, our Creator. Only in this system are we more than a machine to be manipulated and controlled; only in this system are we free from the tyranny of statistics and those who manipulate them. Only in a world where God speaks and gives absolutes can we be free from this kind of relativistic nonsense that threatens to drown us in this degraded age.

Returning to the definitions of success and failure; true success is measured in fidelity to truth, not in numeric quantity. In truth, even if 99.999 per cent of all children act like dogs in heat, this is no reason for anyone to give up teaching God’s absolute, authoritative word (the Holy Bible) to children. Children need to know the truth that God made us, and that He made marriage for us, for our good, and that sex outside of marriage is a serious offense in God’s eyes. Children need to know the truth that one day they will stand before the Judgment-seat of God and give an account of their lives. And I think our brave new social engineers, these people that are taking it upon themselves to recreate western civilization in their own image and likeness would themselves be wise to think upon this truth. Successful health is measured in the next life as well as in this one.

Ms. Cotton sympathizes with us as she writes “Most people are too busy to spend time back-checking studies cited by officials and media, so take it from someone whose job was to do just that,” and hammers her point home with lots of impressive data. I think her tone is a good example of what could be called “the tyranny of the experts,” and is a taste of what is to come for any society that casts God’s word aside.

The government schools teach children that there is no God in many subtle and not-so subtle ways, but there are thousands of experts today happy to take God’s place in these schools and in federally funded programs. In regard to the subject at hand, do you not hear many voices in our media saying something like “we know you are busy, so don’t concern yourself with ultimate realities, just mind your own business, consume, and let us handle the rest, including your children. We know the facts, and have proven that your children can’t abstain from premarital sex, so for the sake of their health let us take care of it and stop teaching your children old fashioned and harmful ideas.”

Is it time to give up? Is it time to give in? In one way our time is the worst— manipulation is on every side, but in another way it is the best. Are realities not becoming easier to see? Is it not plain that now is the time to turn from the world’s media, schools, and compromised churches, and turn to God’s word for truth? This is our day. This is our time, and it is a time of profound crisis. Now is the time to take a stand and fight for the truth, or loose all that is real and precious.

James Schmidt and his wife Linda live in La Sal in a passive solar straw bale solar house they just completed after 11 years of labor. They moved here after James withdrew from corporate America following a short career as an engineer. James went to school in Flagstaff and first mountain-biked in the Moab area in the late 1980’s.

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