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Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Japanese foreign minister Fumio Kishida. (Dmitri Lovetsky/Reuters)"Since he managed to achieve success in business, that shows he is a clever person,” Russian President Vladimir Putin observed.

2016-12-04 02:57:03 -0700

A fire tore through a warehouse party early on Dec. 3 in Oakland, Calif. (Josh Edelson/AP)Former residents of the "Ghost Ship," a converted warehouse serving as an artist workspace, say it was a death trap with few exits.

2016-12-04 00:27:44 -0700

President-elect Donald Trump as he arrives for a party at the home of Robert Mercer, one of his biggest campaign donors, on Dec. 3. (Evan Vucci/AP)The president-elect goes as "me" to a "Villains and Heroes" bash hosted by one of his biggest donors.

2016-12-03 23:07:59 -0700