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Can Trump win? President Obama: ‘Anything is possible’The president admits that the political newcomer-turned GOP nominee has a chance to win the White House in November.

2016-07-27 08:36:39 -0600

Members of an honor guard salute the flag-draped casket holding slain Dallas police officer Michael Krol on July 15. (LM Otero/AP)Thirty-two officers died in firearms-related incidents so far this year, including 14 who were killed in ambush-style attacks.

2016-07-27 01:45:02 -0600

Judge frees Reagan attacker John Hinckley. (AP)The man who injured the president in a 1981 assassination attempt should be freed and released to live with his mother, a judge ruled.

2016-07-27 07:25:19 -0600