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The Imperial Presidency, 2.0? Ryan is troubled by Trump’s views on executive powerThree times, House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., explained Thursday on CNN why he cannot support the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump. Seen in light of previous statements by Ryan, it’s clear that the speaker’s biggest concern is that Trump does not share his belief that the presidency has become too powerful and needs to be reined in by Congress. “I think conservatives want to know, does he share our values and our principles on limited government, the proper role of the executive, adherence to the Constitution?” Ryan said.

2016-05-06 16:15:06 -0600

London mayoral candidate Labour Party's Sadiq Khan arrives with his wife Saadiya to cast their votes at a polling station in Streatham, south west London, Thursday May 5, 2016. Britons are voting in local and regional elections expected to deal a blow to Britain's main opposition Labour Party. (Philip Gareth Fulller/PA via AP) UNITED KINGDOM OUTLONDON (AP) — Labour Party politician Sadiq Khan has been elected London mayor — the first Muslim to lead Europe's largest city.

2016-05-06 17:27:57 -0600

Obama scolds media about ‘reality show’ Trump coveragePresident Obama scolded the media on Friday over its coverage of Donald Trump’s unorthodox campaign, entreating reporters to skip “the spectacle and the circus” of the 2016 race. As if on cue, he was then asked about the bombastic entrepreneur’s tweet about a taco bowl. This is not entertainment, this is not a reality show,” Obama admonished in the White House briefing room.

2016-05-06 11:29:45 -0600