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Latinos are driving U.S. income growth. (Getty Images)Commissioned by the nonpartisan Latino Donor Collaborative (LDC) and the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and authored by Eisenach and his staff at NERA, the report is particularly timely. LDC co-founder Sol Trujillo told Yahoo Finance that he had one primary objective for the report:...

2016-12-06 06:01:06 -0700

White House: 9/11 law permits U.S. attacks on extremists. (AP)Obama has broadened the legal scope of the war on extremism, the White House confirmed Monday.

2016-12-05 16:54:59 -0700

Russian troops are seen near truck-mounted Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missiles. (AP)The country's military power today stands in stark contrast to the dying days of the Soviet Union.

2016-12-06 06:14:49 -0700