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President Obama drinks the water in Flint"It just confirms what we know scientifically, which is, if you're using a filter, if you're installing it, then Flint water at this point is drinkable."

2016-05-04 13:47:16 -0600

John Kasich suspends presidential campaign: ReportsRepublican presidential candidate John Kasich has ended his bid for the White House, several media outlets confirmed on Wednesday. Kasich abruptly canceled a planned press conference in Virginia on Wednesday morning, sparking speculation that he was calling it quits. NBC News, CNN and the Associated Press reported on Wednesday that Kasich campaign sources revealed that the Ohio governor would suspend his campaign.

2016-05-04 10:16:15 -0600
Photos: Lucas Jackson/Reuters, Joe Raedle/Getty Images  Unconventional is Yahoo News’ complete guide to what could be the craziest presidential convention — or conventions — in decades. Here’s what you need to know today . 1. Why this year’s conventions will still be crazy — even if they aren’t ‘contested’ May 3, 2016 will go down in history as the day that every political journalist’s most feverish fantasy — the fantasy of a contested GOP convention in Cleveland — finally slipped out of reach. With his commanding win in Indiana over Texas Sen.
2016-05-04 11:12:19 -0600