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Switzerland FIFA ElectionDespite scandal all around him, Sepp Blatter remained FIFA's president thanks to a voting bloc he's spent years building using old-school politics.

2015-05-29 11:19:24 -0600

Another round of rain brings more serious flooding in TexasHOUSTON (AP) — Floodwaters submerged highways and threatened homes Friday in Texas as another round of heavy rain added to the damage inflicted by storms that have killed at least 22 people and left 13 missing.

2015-05-29 12:20:10 -0600

File photo of Raul Castro pretending not to hear questions from journalists as he and Obama hold a bilateral meeting during the Summit of the Americas in Panama City, PanamaSecretary of State John Kerry has signed an order as part of the process of normalizing relations between the Cold War foes.

2015-05-29 09:18:05 -0600