The Magic of Henna


2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Sunday, February 23



Dying your hair the natural way with Andy Kenney

If you want to switch from chemical dyes or start covering the gray, and you want to stay away from chemicals, Henna is the process to help you get gorgeous hair without the damage, in a wide range of color options. 
An all-natural, plant-based, organic product, that not only covers the gray but strengthens your hair and scalp, Henna has been used for centuries by women and men across the globe. 
This three-hour workshop is a comprehensive look at the plant, the color spectrum, and the DIY process of coloring your hair with Henna, Indigo, and Cassia. 
• The history of Henna as a hair coloring technique
• The easy DIY process from start to finish
• A wide range of recipes and keeping a journal to get the color just right
• Using Henna over synthetic dyes
Andy will demonstrate the coloring process during the workshop. Each participant will be able to color a sample strand (or two) of their hair.

You must sign up in store or call 435-259-5712 to RSVP
This event will be held at the MARC